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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Horse Slaughter - Economic Questions
To Here Radio show on Horse Slaughter

There has been a lot of talk lately about the ending of processing horses for meat in the U.S. There have been many opinions on both sides pro and con. Many people have very strong opinions based off of their own personal beliefs of the morality of horse processing for meat. But what may be needed now is more questions and less opinions, especially when looking at the economic side of banning the horse meat industry.

When looking for facts about the horse industries impact on the U.S. economy and the subsequent impact of the horse meat industry on that same economy I found the following.
The American Horse Council released a horse industry study on June 28, revealing that the industry contributes $39 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy. The study also estimates there are 9.2 million horses in America. One impact analyst study I read said that every horse in the US would be worth $304.00 less. Which when multiplied by the 9.2 million horses in America comes to a total equity loss of $ 2,796,800,000.00, almost 3 billion dollars. To bring it closer to home, a rancher with 100 head of horses will have a total equity loss in his horses of $30,400.00.

This would lead to another question. What industry can hemorrhage 3 billion dollars and survive? Secondly based off of the American Horse Councils study, that’s a loss of almost 10% of the industries total yearly contribution of $39 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy. The trickle down effect of this loss on horses owners and non horses owners alike is terrifying.

In college, one of my business professors taught us that money should circulate through a community 8 times before it became dormant. This would mean the true impact of a 3 billion dollar loss of equity in the horse industry would equate to a 24 billion dollar economic impact to the U.S. economy. It’s like wind chill factor. The temperature is 10 degrees but feels like -20 below. The equity loss is 3 billion but will feel like 24 billion. This would be especially hit home hard in rural economies that horse industry is a major part of overall local economy.
Then I thought I have some questions about trade with foreign countries since the majority of the horse meat consumed by humans is consumed by foreign markets and found the following.
Trade Deficit - The negative difference of money owed in foreign currency to other countries , created by the US importing more goods than it exports or exporting more services that it imports.

With the Nation’s international deficit in goods and services increased to $763.6 billion in 2006 from $716.7 billion in 2005. It seems to be a legitimate question to ask. What affect will the termination of export horses and horse meat have on the U.S. trade deficit ?
The value of U.S. horses sold for processing in 2002 was about $26 million (FATUS(2003)). The big question is what was the horse meat from those horses worth overseas and how much money was brought home to the U.S. by the resulting sales of that meat.

Well I did some figuring of my own. Trust me this is just some rough guessing. Based off the 2002 figure that US horses sold for slaughter in 2002 for $26 million . I came up with the following. If the average horse sold for slaughter that year was worth $500.00, then the total number of horses sold that year would be 52,000. If horses then averaged weighing 1000 lbs., then that would be a total poundage of 52 million lbs. If the yield of meat was 55% then those horses produced 26 million lbs. of meat. If that meat was worth $10.00 a lb. the total value of that meat would be 260 million dollars. If it was worth $15.00 a lb. the total value of that meat would be 390 million dollars. This seems to be a rather large sum of money brought to the U.S. economy and a significant influence on the U.S. trade deficit.

The final question would be who is going to pay for the excess of unwanted horses? I assume the tax payer. For as soon as the banner wavers save the horse from death, they will be swamped with the unwanted horses and financially overwhelmed, which will cause them to pick up their banners again and solicit the government to save the horses from life.

To close, I owe almost everything I have to the horse and cattle industries. I care about horses deeply and am for tighter regulations on the industry to help the horse. However I also realize that hard problems seldom have simple solutions. This article was written to inspire question asking, not to advocate or denounce the horse meat industry.

Horses for Sale in the Western United States

Sunday, April 22, 2007 is adding yet another great marketing tool to its arsenal. is proud to announce that its first issue of its magazine Ranchworldads Magazine will be hitting news stands in the next couple of weeks.

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World Show Quarter Horse Sale 2006 Day 3 part 2 YouTube

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Friday, January 12, 2007


Cavalia , the must-see horse extravaganza, created by Normand Latourelle. Buys (with the help of ) Roaman Riding team from Brian Bausch noted trainer, trick rider, trick roper and performer.

Cavalia celebrates the relationship between horses and humans. The show involves 50 horses.

For more info on Cavalia see the artical "A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Man Is a Must-See" at the

Black Team Roping Rodeo Horse for Sale

11Year old Money earner. This horse is a worker, I give beginner riding lessons with him and next will win a horse race for me. FOR REAL will rope every end, I love to tie-down on him. Belongs in the rope pen, but I earn my living using him for Entertainment. Trick Riding including Vaults, fender drags, up-the-neck, standing on his back while trick ropeing for a half hour jumping through texas skips, and rearing him in the middle of a 100ft. big loop. Not just reining horse training on him, spins, sliding stops, great lead changes...but plays dead, spanish walk, waves, rears....on comand...never makes a wrong move in competition or with students that are on their first horseback ride. Back to the money earner, he’s produced many great barrel horses, rope horses, trail horses, all very easy to start under saddle, he thows his sturdy and straight legs, prety heads, and calm disposition that can be led with the same lead rope as your mare.2002 State Calf-Roping2002 Mounted Shooting Champion2002 USTRC Heeling Champion2003 World Champion2003 Team Penning Champion2004 Reining Horse Show 4th2004 Featured @ Ponderosa Ranch2005 Micheal Martin Murphey’s Wild West Show2006 World Show 4th Overall2006 Nebraska State Horse Fair Entertainer2006 South Dakota Spirit of the West Festival

For more info and photos of Rustler please visit

To watch short youtube clip on Rustler Videos on this horse please contact:Brian Bausch 231-740-3218 27250 N 64th St.Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Wild West Days - Horses For Sale
Cave Creek Wild West Days was a Huge Success. The Town of Cave Creek celebrated its 20th Anniversary of incorporation during the popular “Cave Creek Wild West Days™” the event took place November, 9 -12.
The event included shotgun weddings, a trick buffalo, trick riding , mounted shooting and a large assortment of other wild west show acts.
The three-day festival drew record crowds. “Wild West Days was better than ever,” said long time winter local resident Deidra Crawford. “ It amazed me to find out that three of the horses used in the performance are for sale”. Trick Riding Horses for Sale

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fort Ranch's own son of Playgun

Gun Goes Boon is our newest stallion, by Playgun who has lifetime earnings of $185,000+ and is by the great Freckles Playboy. GUN GOES BOON is out of the last daughter of Royal Blue Boon, My Angel Of Blue. My Angel Of Blue is also a full sister of Peptoboonsmal, whose offspring have earned over $6.3 million.

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